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What is Dimensional Formula of all Fundamental Physical Quantities (Basic Quantities)?

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All physical quantities can be defined in terms of few fundamental physical quantities like Length, Mass and Time. The unit of these fundamental physical quantities or basic quantities are independent of  each other and no one can further resolve it into any other unit. There are 7 basic or fundamental physical quantities. They are Length, Mass, Time, Temperature, Electric Current, Luminous Intensity and Amount of  Substance.

Fundamental Physical Quantities SI Unit Symbol  Dimensional Formula
Length  metre  m M0L1T0
Mass  kilogram  kg M1L0T0
Time  second  s M0L0T1
Temperature  kelvin  K or θ M0L0T0θ  or M0L0T0K1
Electric Current  ampere  A M0L0T0A1
Luminous Intensity  candela  Cd M0L0T0Cd1
Amount of Substance  mole  mol M0L0T0mol1


Supplementary units SI Unit Symbol  Dimensional Formula
Plane Angle  radian  rad  Dimensionless
Solid Angle  steradian  Sr  Dimensionless
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